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flyingforsoul's Journal

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Flying for the Soul
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Flylady group for general self/life improvement.
NOTE: ON REQUEST FROM EXISTING MEMBERS, THIS GROUP HAS RE-LOCATED TO http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flyingforsoul
To join a yahoo group, you don't need to have an active yahoo mail address, as you can set it up for messages to be sent to any email address you like.

In Flying for the Soul, we have borrowed the Flylady concepts (see website) to use more generally in relation to improving our lives. Routines, baby steps, non-perfectionism, self-acceptance and mutual support are key features of our FLYing efforts.

Whether your current goal is to improve your thoughts, simplify your life, increase your income, improve your physical health, help others more, spend more time with family, take more time out for yourself... practically anything goes in this group. One proviso however is that we are interested in maintaining a balanced lifestyle and being mindful as to what we REALLY want in our lives and what matters most.

The rules so far are very basic:
1. Be nice
2. Encourage others
3. Take reasonable care when giving advice
4. Trim messages. (Ask a moderator if you are not sure how this is done.)

Social capital

  • less than 10